...they all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

Acts 1:14



Please Remember!

Everyone is requested to join the 777 Global Prayer Chain

for Revival & Reformation.

Tens of thousands are praying around the world at: 

7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our families, leaders, churches, and communities.

  œ

We continue to read the

"Believe His Prophets";

daily reading as we are United in Prayer.

You can learn more and sign up at:


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*** Please know that although you may not hear the names called on “Morning Glory” or see the names that have been submitted on the weekly e-mail; we are praying, along with you for them.

Special Prayer is requested for:       

Ø Angel, Yonika, John & Louise Thompson    Ø Mildred Long (loss of Mother)      

Ø Mary Delaney     Ø Marsha Davis & her Mother    Ø The Gethsemane church family

Ø The White family     Ø The teens in Ferguson, MO     Ø Joan Brown    Ø Karen Simmons

Ø Isabella Avery    Ø Bontrese Headen     Ø Taylor Watts    Ø Linda Smith   Ø Tyler     

Ø The bereaved Lewis King & Gayle Shaw families    Ø Sharon Epps    Ø Shirley Gerald    

Ø Marlene Hudson     Ø Sean Boyd     Ø The Tynes family   Ø Ursula   Ø Ira Junior         

Ø DeVonte Beasley    Ø The bereaved Henderson & Campbell families    Ø Sis. Ross   

Ø Larna Crowley     Ø Gwendolyn Marlow     Ø The Elder’s Revival    Ø Eddie Toliver   Ø Lloyd  

Ø The bereaved Vera Butler family    Ø Del Patrick   Ø Kelvin McKinney    Ø The Cross family    

Ø Marlon Monroe, Jr.     Ø Henry Cantrell, Sr.    Ø Francois LaPorte    Ø Lillie Ore    Ø Renée   

Ø Karoline Dailey     Ø Latrell Ruff    Ø Tierra Parlor    Ø Gertrude Newsome    Ø Ms. Razo

Ø Treshawna Wright     Ø Alexis Johnson    Ø The Solid Rock Revival    Ø Allen    Ø Ms. Jordan 

 Ø Peggy Bradford     Ø The bereaved Marsette/Darlington & Merlene Smith families             

Ø The Community Love Feast      Ø Nicole Dennison    Ø Paul     Ø Steven Bishop    Ø Brian      

Ø Patricia Ellerbe (loss of grandchild)     Ø Johnny Lonnon, Sr.    Ø Decisions for Baptism    

Ø The bereaved Lynda Bass family     Ø Velma Miller    Ø The Foster family     Ø Faith     

Ø Florine Tyler & family    Ø Ruth Grove    Ø Maureen Campbell    Ø Ethel Washington      

Ø Sandra Smith    Ø Sis. Cunningham    Ø Charles Wilson      Ø Matthew Collyer   Ø Elva     

Ø Ruth Grove     Ø Eugene Love     Ø Lloyd Ferran     Ø Diane Carr     Ø Eld. Chris Crosby  

 Ø Gloria Ragin     Ø Gloria Harrington    Ø Jerod    Ø Ginger & her unborn baby     

Ø Francesca    Ø Winifred Dorsett    Ø Charlie & Katrina Sturgis    Ø Mary Baskerville & family      

Ø All Evangelistic Efforts & workers       Ø Vacation Bible Schools       

Ø The South Atlantic Conference Women’s  Ministries Retreat            

Ø The Morning Glory family    Ø Parents     Ø Our children & grandchildren

Ø Those suffering from addictions    Ø Those seeking employment    Ø The homeless

Ø Each name that has been submitted for Prayer     Ø Principals & Teachers    

Ø Bible Instructors & Bible Students   Ø Our Military & their families    Ø New believers       

Ø Prayer list & names in prayer boxes    Ø Those in the valley of decision          

Ø The bereaved, discouraged & broken hearted   Ø The incarcerated & their families    

Ø Prayer Warriors & those we come in contact with    Ø All travelers        

Ø The unconcerned & those who do not know Jesus as Lord & Savior 

Ø “ANGELS” ~ our brothers & sisters in confidential situations

Unspoken Request

Continually give thanks for all the blessings and miracles

God bestows upon us every day!