They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

Acts 1:14



Our General Conference President Pastor Ted Wilson is requesting that everyone world wide, pray for Revival & Reformation 7 days a week

  7:00 a.m. & 7:00 p.m. (and any time in between)

   œ

"Revived by His Word" is a daily Bible reading plan. We are reading a chapter of the Bible each day. You can learn more and sign up at

   œ

*** Please know that although you may not hear the names called on “Morning Glory” or see the names that have been submitted on the weekly e-mail; we are praying, along with you for them.

Special Prayer is requested for:

Ø Donna Smith     Ø Timothy Dailey      Ø Amoriah       Ø The Sands family (loss of Father)    

Ø Pastor Java Mattison    Ø Shirley Anderson    Ø Dameon Archer    Ø Master Guides as they travel     

Ø Sandy Robinson     Ø Rubio & Rea     Ø Derrick      Ø Louis Lovell      Ø Paula      Ø Pam Callwell        

Ø The Coleman, Jackson, Scarlett families      Ø Elder Wilson McLaughlin     Ø Gloria Brown     

Ø The bereaved family of Pastor Charles Coleman      Ø Tonya Campbell's brother & family      

Ø The bereaved Willie Clardy & Bobby Scurry families      Ø Nehemiah, Willa & Louvenia Johnson    

Ø Hope Reed & Brenda Bruce & family (loss of Mother)        Ø Anna Paramore      Ø Chris Horne        

Ø Denise Brown    Ø The bereaved family of Elder Samuel Hutchins    Ø Roy Williams     Ø Lettrissa             

Ø Beverly Pennicot     Ø Sadie Thomas     Ø Eden      Ø The Smith & Jenkins family      Ø Giraurd        

Ø David Timmelton      Ø The bereaved Cheyenne Clark & Andra Harris families      Ø Angel Cohill    

Ø The Louissaint family     Ø The Dupont Park church family    Ø Lathan Strong    Ø Donerick Black    

Ø Shasmine Rice      Ø Clarence Walker     Ø Sherry & Curtice Davis      Ø David Woodard        

Ø The bereaved Dorsette & Likenize Holliday families     Ø Irene (loss of brother)     Ø Jasmine Rice    

Ø Robin (loss of Father)      Ø Libby & Lavern (loss of Mother)       Ø Charles & Lawrence Johnson     

Ø The bereaved Kenneth Collins/Hunt/Hiers families      Ø Minister Dorsette     Ø Daisy & Alice          

Ø The bereaved Elizabeth Roberts/Redenburg families       Ø The Strong, Ashley & Small families       

Ø The bereaved Wilson Green & Murray families    Ø Steve Rock    Ø Edward Daniels    Ø Gloria     

Ø The bereaved Eva Mitchell/Smith families      Ø Sister Pacha Vazquez      Ø Mattie Redd    

Ø Pastor D. M. Jones & the First Covington church Revival     Ø Vanessa Samuels     Ø Iris Tate                    

Ø The bereaved Barbara McCoy & Charles Street families       Ø J. M.     Ø Eld. Pondorius Edmunds                

Ø The New Life church family in Rock Hill, SC       Ø Lillian Jenkins       Ø Brenda Robinson    

Ø Moezell Downey      Ø Paulesea Dawson     Ø Marsha Mays     Ø Yasmine      Ø Shirley Williams     

Ø Ann Fraizer’s son     Ø Frank Robinson     Ø Pastor & Mrs. Robert Postell & family    

Ø Angela     Ø The Morning Glory family      Ø Layla & Vanessa