They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

Acts 1:14



Our General Conference President Pastor Ted Wilson is requesting that everyone world wide, pray for Revival & Reformation 7 days a week

  7:00 a.m. & 7:00 p.m. (and any time in between)

   œ

"Revived by His Word" is a daily Bible reading plan that began on April 17, 2012 and will end at

General Conference Session July 2015. We are reading a chapter of the Bible each day. You can learn more and sign up at

   œ

*** Please know that although you may not hear the names called on “Morning Glory” or see the names that have been submitted on the weekly e-mail; we are praying, along with you for them.

Special Prayer is requested for:    

Ø Wanda Green    Ø Leroy Anderson    Ø Luann & family    Ø Stephen Johnson & children  

Ø Elga Wynn    Ø Sally    Ø Beatrice    Ø Leon Moore    Ø Vanessa, Willie, Kaitlyn & William Albino     

Ø Mikayla Huntley    Ø Alba Visbal     Ø Edith Poindujour     Ø Twana Pine    Ø Omayra Hernandez    

Ø The bereaved Tamika Walker/Cohen family    Ø Luscious Edwards   Ø Vivian Cooper    Ø Hannah    

Ø The bereaved William Bill Brown/Joyner family    Ø Terry    Ø James Ford     Ø Don Harris     Ø Ron    

Ø The bereaved Lovelle Davis & Gwendolyn Dobbs families     Ø Raquel  Moreland  Ø Jayden Scott   

Ø Rachel Moore   Ø Acuna & the Garcia family    Ø Ms. Little    Ø Rannie     Ø Anita Hughes    Ø Darius      

Ø All church Nominating Committees    Ø Pathfinders traveling to & from Oskosh      Ø Kenya & sons    

Ø Atlanta Maranatha church family    Ø Linda Smith    Ø Beverly Christie     Ø Bridgette Smart    

Ø Dr. Daniel Del Gaizo & his team      Ø Faye Mitchell     Ø Joan Brown      Ø Berdia Crane

Ø Aisha & Mimi    Ø Lynette Reid    Ø Elbone Carter & baby    Ø Ms. Baskin & the Valdosta Academy    

Ø Irene Moore    Ø Denese Dobson & Yolana     Ø Odessa    Ø The bereaved Vivian Jenkins family     

Ø Mabel Jones     Ø Chris Horne   Ø David Benson     Ø Douglas Edmunds     Ø Oshstae Summers     

Ø Theo Porter    Ø Brandon & Brian Hurst    Ø Jonathan & Kim Bennett (loss of Mother)     Ø Pat Staley     

Ø Head Start staff & children    Ø Gale Reese    Ø Deborah Robinson     Ø Rodney & Jeri Sanders    

Ø Carmeletta Thomas & family    Ø Pearlene Moore (loss of uncle)    Ø Natosha & family