...they all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

Acts 1:14



Please Remember!

Everyone is requested to join the 777 Global Prayer Chain

for Revival & Reformation.

Tens of thousands are praying around the world at: 

7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our families, leaders, churches, and communities.

  œ

We continue to read the

"Believe His Prophets";

daily reading as we are United in Prayer.

You can learn more and sign up at:


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*** Please know that although you may not hear the names called on “Morning Glory” or see the names that have been submitted on the weekly e-mail; we are praying, along with you for them.

Special Prayer is requested for:       

Ø Carl Brown & family (loss of Mother)  Ø Eden     Ø Dr. David Furman    Ø Susan Robinson      

Ø The bereaved Theodore Thompson family     Ø A. J. Singleton   Ø Julian      Ø William Spears    

Ø Tiffany Carter & family    Ø Mother Louise Owens     Ø The bereaved Vereen & Patrick family   

Ø William Fears     Ø Robert’s brother & his wife    Ø The Monroe & Glenn family     Ø Talik Talton    

Ø Savannah Clark     Ø Sandra Hamilton     Ø Marlon     Ø Keith    Ø Elsie Williams & family               

Ø The Portland, OR Evangelistic Effort    Ø Malinda Cooley   Ø Okeem Mason    Ø Brenda   

Ø Those devastated by fires on the West Coast    Ø Greg Cooper    Ø Patrice    Ø Chris McComb   

Ø The bereaved Gloria Russ family Ø Kathleen    Ø Angela Thompson & family     Ø Patricia    

Ø Nancy, Del & Scott Patrick    Ø Sharon Payne & family    Ø Mevina Fryar    Ø Lois Word       

Ø The bereaved family Gloria Russell & Easter Pearl Thomas families     Ø Shane Farley & family     

Ø Clyde Gumbs     Ø The O’Neill family    Ø Tammy Brown   Ø President Jimmy Carter    

Ø Angelique James & family    Ø Ms. Coggins (loss of son)     Ø Jasmine & JoAnne Norman        

Ø Ophelia, Tammie & Jimmie    Ø Sylvia Myers & family    Ø Sister Landers (loss of daughter)           

Ø Eva Walker    Ø Delicia Campbell    Ø Nancy Lee    Ø Makala     Ø Dana Davis & family   

Ø Sandra Rutledge       Ø Doug Blakney     Ø Lucille Lee     Ø Veronica    Ø Winnifred Dorsett    

Ø Deacon Harry James     Ø Michelle Bethea     Ø Daniel Steward     Ø Larry Walker Jr.    

Ø The Davis & Arnold families     Ø John White     Ø Noah & his parents’    Ø Mary Clemons    

Ø Sylvia Wilson     Ø Evangelistic Meeting in Augusta, GA    Ø Sergeant Simms    Ø Kristy    

Ø Glenda Robinson    Ø Timothy     Ø Tracie Dailey    Ø Tiny Love     Ø Lessie Mae China    

Ø Valerie Seabrook    Ø Kristina Beasley & children     Ø Melecia Myles     Ø Willie Mae Brown  

Ø Samuel King, Jr.     Ø Monique Hernandez     Ø Dr. Chris Crosby & family     Ø Kristin Gibson           

Ø Earl Williams     Ø The Jones & Pascal families     Ø Janice Carter     Ø Patricia Staley    

Ø Eld. Calvin Watkins     Ø The Delany & Timmons families  Ø The Wilkerson children    

Ø Joselyn Triplet     Ø The bereaved Smith family    Ø Joy Hodges & family      Ø Marie Purdue    

Ø Judith Thompson    Ø West Broad Street Youth Prayer Meeting     Ø Rebecca Williams    

Ø Ramah Jr. Academy    Ø Miss Scott    Ø The bereaved Rena Burney family   Ø Caron Branch    

Ø Okeem Mason     ​Ø Bryson     Ø The bereaved Evelyn Crawford family     Ø Joe Davis    

Ø All Evangelistic Efforts    Ø All students & teachers returning to school

Ø The South Atlantic Women’s Ministries & Young ladies Retreat      

Ø Prayer list & names in prayer boxes   Ø Parents

Ø The Morning Glory family   Ø Our children & grandchildren      

Ø Each name that has been submitted for Prayer   Ø All travelers

Ø Bible Instructors & Bible Students      Ø New believers   

Ø Those in the valley of decision   Ø Those suffering from addictions

Ø Our Military & their families   Ø Those seeking employment

Ø The incarcerated & their families   Ø Principals & Teachers

Ø The bereaved, discouraged & broken hearted   Ø The homeless

Ø Prayer Warriors & those we come in contact with

Ø The unconcerned & those who do not know Jesus as Lord & Savior

Ø “ANGELS” ~ our brothers & sisters in confidential situations

Unspoken Request

Continually give thanks for all the blessings and miracles

God bestows upon us every day!