...they all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

Acts 1:14



Please Remember!

Everyone is requested to join the 777 Global Prayer Chain

for Revival & Reformation.

Tens of thousands are praying around the world at: 

7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our families, leaders, churches, and communities.

  œ

We continue to read the

"Believe His Prophets";

daily reading as we are United in Prayer.

You can learn more and sign up at:


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*** Please know that although you may not hear the names called on “Morning Glory” or see the names that have been submitted on the weekly e-mail; we are praying, along with you for them.

Special Prayer is requested for:            

Ø Chonda Hardin     Ø Sheresa Hagwood    Ø Wanda Green    Ø Jim Murphy

Ø Walter Gordon    Ø The women of Chester County     Ø Cassandra Johnson   

Ø The bereaved LaPort, Evans & Dixon families     Ø Albert    Ø Kimberly Freeman    

Ø Ruby Jones    Ø Elder Odis Wingo    Ø Kensa     Ø Robert & Clara Connor      

Ø Mary Delaney   Ø Emma Cook (loss of daughter)   Ø Marlene Hudson    Ø John

Ø Lula Muff      Ø The Garret family      Ø Rosalyn Barner & family    Ø Our Nation

Ø The bereaved Hudson & Selmon families     Ø Sherry Bradford     Ø Jan Ross     

Ø Mother Donnis Wood       Ø Yvette & family     Ø Roger Dowe & family    

Ø The election cycle    Ø Our President & his family     Ø Sue Germain’s Father    

Ø Those seeking political office    Ø The bereaved Armstead family     Ø Emily       

Ø Alberta James   Ø Tiffany Randall   Ø Drew Berstch    Ø Mary Parker      

Ø West Broad Street church family    Ø Pastor Melvin Warfield, Sr.    Ø Eden

Ø Levite Kelly     Ø Thunder Bolt Patterson     Ø The Williams family     Ø Jay

Ø Ruthie McDonald     Ø Keith Tynes     Ø Myrtle James    Ø Willie Rogers     

Ø Lee    Ø Damara & family     Ø Veto Stubbs, Jr.     Ø Genneva Thompson    

Ø The bereaved Gail Evans, Terry & Garry families    Ø Mary Spikes    Ø Jerry

Ø Henrietta Ellison       Ø Jahtannia Samuels     Ø Kristen Gibson    Ø Patrick       

Ø The Swaine family     Ø Isaac & Sabrina Snype      Ø Mary Baskerville         

Ø Denisa Juster & family (loss of sister)     Ø Yvette’s Father     Ø Book Offers    

Ø Sabrina McTier     Ø Miranda & Brandon Johnson     Ø Lynn Glenn    Ø Julia

Ø The bereaved Pastor Willie Bolden & Sharon Morrow families    Ø Joy Hodges         

Ø The bereaved Liz Orr & Singletary families     Ø Anthony & James Leonard         

Ø The bereaved Minnie Washington family    Ø Brother Arp     Ø Jerry Sermons       

Ø Michelle Moore    Ø Paul Glenn    Ø Kevin Whittington     Ø David Nibbs    

Ø Ruthie McDonald     Ø Monica Williams     Ø Rachel Robinson     Ø Faye Junior         

Ø Wila Mae Johnson     Ø The bereaved Brown family    Ø Debra Greene & family

Ø Willie James     Ø Harriett Riley     Ø Mrs. Josephine     Ø Lisa Ford    Ø Chris     

Ø The bereaved Marvin Jones & Dunbar families     Ø Nathan Wells    Ø T.W.

Ø The Patrick, Jackson & Redwine family    Ø Valerie Mills     Ø The Moffitt family               

Ø The bereaved Sarah Taylor, Smalls & Stoney families     Ø Johnny Mae Ellerbe  

Ø The bereaved Ruby Kendall family     Ø Sylvia Garrett    Ø Cameron Kennedy        

Ø Alan Williams & family     Ø Lillian Jenkins     Ø Yolanda Cunningham   Ø Lauren

Ø Elder C.D. Brooks       Ø Avery Rose    Ø Dr. Aguila    Ø Vanessa Hudson    

Ø Cassandra & Jackson     Ø James Jones   Ø The bereaved Frances Bliss family     

Ø Anthony Dawson     Ø Kyle Alexander     Ø Walt Cathings, III    Ø Denver White         

Ø JayMontay Newsom     Ø Tom Jones     Ø The Tynes family    Ø Ramika Brown    

Ø Erica Biddings     Ø Mashun Dawson     Ø The worldwide unrest     Ø The abused   

Ø The bereaved Ezra Jackson & Tyler families     Ø Terrance     

Ø Families of victims of violence     Ø People having job related issues    

Ø All Evangelistic Efforts & Prophecy Seminars      Ø Parents   

Ø Prayer list & names in prayer boxes     Ø Law Enforcement   

Ø The Morning Glory family   Ø Our children & grandchildren       

Ø Each name that has been submitted for Prayer    Ø All travelers

Ø Bible Instructors & Bible Students      Ø New believers   

Ø Those in the valley of decision   Ø Those suffering from addictions

Ø Our Military & their families   Ø Those seeking employment

Ø The incarcerated & their families   Ø Principals & Teachers

Ø The bereaved, discouraged & broken hearted   Ø The homeless

Ø Prayer Warriors & those we come in contact with

Ø The unconcerned & those who do not know Jesus as Lord & Savior

Ø “ANGELS” ~ our brothers & sisters in confidential situations

Unspoken Request

Continually give thanks for all the blessings and miracles

God bestows upon us every day!