They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

Acts 1:14



Our General Conference President Pastor Ted Wilson is requesting that everyone world wide, pray for Revival & Reformation 7 days a week

  7:00 a.m. & 7:00 p.m. (and any time in between)

   œ

"Revived by His Word" is a daily Bible reading plan that began on April 17, 2012 and will end at

General Conference Session July 2015. We are reading a chapter of the Bible each day. You can learn more and sign up at

   œ

*** Please know that although you may not hear the names called on “Morning Glory” or see the names that have been submitted on the weekly e-mail; we are praying, along with you for them.

Special Prayer is requested for: 

Ø Ora Williams     Ø Minnie Williams     Ø Charles Crosby, Jr.     Ø Mary Davis      Ø Roberta Manning       

Ø The bereaved Roberta Fields & Orie Crawford families     Ø Fernetta White     Ø Tilly      Ø Paula Foster     

Ø Brenda Adams    Ø All Evangelistic Meetings     Ø Tony Young     Ø Doretha Crawford (loss of husband)     

Ø Sharon Spencer     Ø The bereaved Ethel Sanders & Mark Reed families    Ø Willie & Lois Wright   

Ø Greg Griffin     Ø Joe & Richard     Ø The Everhart family      Ø Neisha Brooks      Ø Devon McFadden

Ø Dorothy Epps & Rhaming family (loss of brother)    Ø Marsha Davis     Ø Dawn Culmer    Ø Corsella Isaac    

Ø Brandon & Thomas McDonald    Ø Transformations     Ø Ebenezer church family     Ø Wendy Johnson    

Ø Essie Hankinson & family    Ø Miriam Derrick     Ø Tracy Johnson      Ø John & family      Ø Becky     

Ø Ted Ethridge      Ø Ruth Evans    Ø Doug Rollo      Ø Wayne Harrison    Ø Johnny     Ø The Price family     

Ø Pastor Prince & Dawn Lewis & family    Ø The Cobb family    Ø Travelers     Ø Jolanda Herring    

Ø The Benton family     Ø Christopher Davidson    Ø Bertha Thrilkeld     Ø Darlynn, Shaffick & Talik Ali     

Ø Patrick & Seanad Pinkney     Ø GuytonMargie    Ø JoAnne Jones      Ø Williams Cohen     Ø Joyce Ann    

Ø James Gothie      Ø Wilbur Jack Behlin    Ø Willard Moore    Ø Polly Grant & Roger    Ø Chella Terrel     

Ø The bereaved Randolph Manuel/Priester families    Ø Bobby    Ø April Bethea & children    Ø Victoria    

Ø Brenda Jackson    Ø Rosco Woodruff    Ø Mary Capers & family      Ø Emmett Thompson     Ø Terry Price    

Ø Teresa Nalley     Ø B.J.    Ø Lindy Paige    Ø The bereaved Phillipa Johnson family     Ø Mattie Stenson         

Ø Edna Parker     Ø Quentin Boyd     Ø Steve & Denise Brown      Ø Raven, Dorothy & Regina Smith          Continued