...they all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

Acts 1:14



Please Remember!

Everyone is requested to join the 777 Global Prayer Chain

for Revival & Reformation.

Tens of thousands are praying around the world at: 

7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our families, leaders, churches, and communities.

  œ

We continue to read the

"Believe His Prophets";

daily reading as we are United in Prayer.

You can learn more and sign up at:


  œ

*** Please know that although you may not hear the names called on “Morning Glory” or see the names that have been submitted on the weekly e-mail; we are praying, along with you for them.

Special Prayer is requested for:               

Ø Virginia Beasley    Ø Camille Ward    Ø Jeressa & Jeffrey    Ø Trey    Ø Tom    

Ø Bobby Jones    Ø Martha Hernandez    Ø Diane Williams    Ø Beatrice Banks 

Ø The Political system     Ø Mary     Ø Sherry Davis    Ø Candida     Ø Joel  

Ø Maranatha’s 40th Anniversary Celebration    Ø Mable Glenn & family    Ø Pam 

Ø Phyllis Lawson    Ø The Butler family   Ø Marlene Hudson    Ø Andrea Kendell    

Ø Stephanie Moody     Ø Sarah Livingston (loss of husband)     Ø Celeste 

Ø Charles Matthews      Ø Eva Hernandez & sister    Ø Shawnee & Bella    Ø Chris   

Ø The South Central Conference leadership & membership     Ø Teresa    Ø Ginger   

Ø Dr. Edna Rose     Ø Frankie Washington, III     Ø Tyler     Ø Wanda Hayes        

Ø Lillie Ore     Ø Linda Wilson     Ø Julius Williams    Ø Chenell Gassaway   Ø B. J. 

Ø Elder T. A. & Barbara McNealy & family      Ø Preston & Regina Mattison       

Ø John Polite, Sr.     Ø LaShelle Hayes     Ø Jalen Burkes      Ø Brandon Johnson    

Ø Lizzie Dawson    Ø Marrian Stinson     Ø Del Patrick     Ø Denice & baby    

Ø All men    Ø Marion Ezell     Ø Florence Dailey & family     Ø Margie Bryant    

Ø Deniece Anderson’s Mother    Ø Shantel Hunter    Ø George Johnson    Ø VBS    

Ø Brenda Rhyne    Ø Deborah  Ø Rosetta Daughtrey    Ø Bernard King & family    

Ø Ella Gardner    Ø The bereaved Lizzie Dawson & Lillie Smith families    Ø Nate

Ø Viola Martin    Ø Julie Mattingly     Ø Ferrel & Pearlene Moore & family    Ø Peter 

Ø The bereaved Herbert Stone & Jacque Walker families     Ø Daisy    Ø Tristan

Ø The bereaved Frank Guthrie & Jackie Johnson families     Ø Michael    Ø Tyra    

Ø Cassandra Williams & family    Ø Vickie Smith     Ø Josephine Capers     Ø Tylar   

Ø Laverne    Ø Willie James    Ø Damon    Ø Taylah Terry     Ø Tealyn     Ø Iyanna   

Ø Nercia Dinham    Ø Patrick & son    Ø Rashida & family    Ø Marlene Hudson    

Ø The bereaved Mack McLean family     Ø Gene McKoy     Ø Daphnye Beasley         

Ø The Morning Glory 5th Year Celebration      Ø Lillian Jenkins     Ø Amos Young    

Ø Chella    Ø Harry Calloway & family     Ø Rene Blue (loss of Father)    Ø Nicky    

Ø Constance King & family     Ø Thelma     Ø Arlene     Ø Sam & Nora    Ø Brenda     

Ø Elizabeth & family     Ø Robert      Ø Myra & family    Ø Mr. Winston    Ø Toya    

Ø Doris Smith     Ø Jonathan    Ø Yolanda     Ø All schools, students & staff   

Ø Bible Instructors & Bible Students     Ø Those in the valley of decision    

Ø All Evangelistic Efforts & Prophecy Seminars    Ø New believers          

Ø The Morning Glory family      Ø Prayer list & names in prayer boxes    

Ø Prayer Warriors & those we come in contact with     Ø The abused 

Ø Law Enforcement      Ø Each name that has been submitted for Prayer    

Ø Parents   Ø Our children & grandchildren    Ø Principals & Teachers  

Ø Worldwide unrest     Ø People having job related issues   

Ø Families of victims of violence     Ø Those suffering from addictions  

Ø Those seeking employment       Ø Our Military & their families  

Ø The incarcerated & their families     Ø The homeless 

Ø The bereaved, discouraged & broken hearted   

Ø The unconcerned & those who do not know Jesus as Lord & Savior

Ø “ANGELS” ~ our brothers & sisters in confidential situations

Unspoken Request

Continually give thanks for all the blessings and miracles

God bestows upon us every day!